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Decorate for Christmas with Dental Floss!

You probably already know how important regular flossing is to your dental health. But have you ever thought of decorating for Christmas with dental floss? Here are a few fun ideas for kids of all ages.

Create a Festive Garland

Dental floss is the perfect material for making garlands. It is strong, and the waxed varieties glide easily through almost any material. Try one of these garland ideas:

  • Popcorn and cranberries: Years ago, kids enjoyed making garlands by stringing popped popcorn and cranberries. Why not create a new tradition for your family? This old-fashioned garland is perfect for decorating holiday trees both indoors and out.
  • Felt: Cut squares of thick felt and string them together (through the middle of each square) to make a soft garland. This project is easy enough for the youngest child to help with, and you can choose the felt colors that best match your decor.
  • Beads: Large beads make a classic garland. String some large pom-pom balls along with the beads to add a different texture. The possible color variations are endless!

Dental Floss Painting

If you need an indoor craft to pass the time before Christmas arrives, try dental floss painting. Gather some dark colors of construction paper, white paint, and dental floss. Fold the paper in half and dip the floss in the paint.  Place the painted floss inside the folded paper, then pull it out slowly. Use the finished paintings for Christmas cards or gift tags.

Mini Present Magnets

When you’ve used up all your floss, you can keep crafting using the box! Turn your small square floss boxes into mini Christmas presents. Use scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon to cover the boxes, then glue a magnet on the back. These festive decorations are great on the refrigerator.

All of us at Stratman Family Dentistry wish you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season.  Contact us to make an appointment for yourself or your children – we’d love to hear about your dental floss crafts!

5 Questions to Ask Your New Dentist

Choosing a new dentist can be a challenge for many individuals. You want to be sure that you’re making the right choice for yourself and your family. Going through questions to ask your new dentist will help make you more confident about the choice you’re making.

1) Are you in-network for my insurance company?

This is one of the most critical questions to ask a new dental provider. Your goal is to choose a dentist who meets the rest of your needs who is also covered by your insurance. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we accept most insurance plans and will do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits, including submitting your claims electronically and tracking as well as following up on your claims. Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry! We have payment plans and accept CareCredit for our uninsured or underinsured patients.

2) What payment options do you have?

Many dental procedures aren’t covered 100% by your dental insurance. Before you decide on a dentist, make sure that your new dentist has payment options that work for you. To cover your additional expenses, if any, we take credit cards and you can also cover your expenses easily with CareCredit, a patient financing card that may have lower interest rates than normal credit cards.

3) How do you handle…?

Chances are, you have specific concerns about sitting in the dentist’s chair. Do you need a dentist who is prepared to handle children so that you can use one dentist for your entire family? Do you have high anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s chair? Make sure you ask your dentist all of those important questions before you head in for your first appointment. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we offer complete dental care for all ages. Whether you need restorative or preventive care, we have you covered.

4) What type of technology does your office use?

Using the latest technology ensures that you get the best treatment for your teeth, from regular cleanings to fillings and other issues. We use digital X-rays and pain-free dentistry to ensure you get the most accurate and precise diagnosis.

5) Does your office focus on patient service?

You want a dentist’s office that runs on time and spends the energy necessary to make sure you’re getting the care you need. By working with a dentist who understands your busy schedule, you’re able to take care of routine dental issues without having to worry about the logistics. At Stratman Family Dentistry, our dental office welcomes emergency appointments and we have extended hours on Wednesday to fit your busy schedule.

If you’re looking for a dentist who combines the latest technology in the field with a patient-focused attitude, look no further! Contact us today to learn more about our office and how we can help fill your dental needs.