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Bathroom Organization

So, hopefully by now you’ve gotten around to taking care of your spring cleaning. Whether you have or not, it’s time to give your bathroom a refresh. Bathrooms are some of the most germ filled places in your home, and it can be difficult to clean around the cups, combs, hair dryers, and floss dispensers. An organized bathroom is much easier to clean.

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Step 1: Purge

If your bathroom contains an abundance of 2 year old soap, shampoo, and shaving cream containers, it’s time to purge. The funny thing about bathroom supplies is that you’ll easily end up with multiples of just about everything. That’s because we go through most of it, then switch to the new bottle of shampoo before the old one is gone. Somehow, the old one never makes it to the trash. Get a trash bag and start chunking things in.

Step 2: Compartmentalize

Make a “soap” place and a “brush” place and a “hair styling gadgets” place. Sort your bathroom items by type, then find a spot for them that’s the correct size, and convenient depending on how much you use that object. Don’t put your hair dryer in a tiny drawer because if it’s hard to get it back in, you won’t put it away. The easy-to-reach top drawer of your counter shouldn’t be used for extra soap, but rather for toothpaste, floss, face wash, Q-tips and other things you use daily. Get some baskets and categorize them for the space under your sink.

Step 3: Buy What You Need

I’m sure many of us are guilty of buying things like shampoo because they’re on sale, or this soap because it just smells way better than that tired old soap you’ve been using for the past month. While coupon clipping and stocking up when you’re running low can be more convenient and cost-effective, there is a chance that you’ll overdo it. Only buy things that you need, and go for the medium size pack of toilet paper if you don’t have space to store the mega pack. Even though you aren’t saving quite as much money, you’ll be able to fit all of them in your bathroom cupboard, keeping your bathroom clean and uncluttered.

Step 4: Reorganize

A lot of things happen in a bathroom. Keeping your counters clear and products put away makes getting rid of bacteria a lot easier. Keep some spray or cleaning wipes handy in a cabinet for daily disinfection of countertops. Taking care of the room where you take care of your health is important for your physical well-being.