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Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth may not be top on the list of things you’d like to do today. For most people, their pets are a part of their family, but even so, it’s never appealing to stick your hand in your pup’s drooling mouth.

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However, Fido needs a good brushing every now and then for the same reasons you do! Twice a day would be a bit much, but here are some important reasons why brushing your dog’s teeth is a good idea.

  • To prevent plaque build up
  • To check for and prevent gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Check for developmental problems in puppies
  • Check for trauma (i.e., broken or fractured teeth

How to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

So what is the best way to brave the drool and clean your canine companion’s teeth? You have a few options, and it really just depends on your dog’s attitude and needs.

One option is the finger brush! This is good for a dog who won’t mistake your finger for a chew toy. These rubber caps have bristles on the end and make it easy to move around your dog’s mouth so you can be sure you’re getting the spots you need to reach. It’s also a great way to check your dog’s mouth for injuries, as you’ll feel any broken teeth through the brush.

Another option looks a lot like the toothbrush you use for yourself. These double-ended dog toothbrushes have long handles and strong bristles. While they don’t provide as much control, they do keep you fingers clear of those chompers and allow your dog the opportunity to get used to having his teeth brush. You’ll probably go through these quickly if your dog is a heavy chewer while you’re trying to brush.

While we can’t take care of your dog’s dental needs here at Stratman Family Dentistry, we do know that dental care is important for the whole family; including Buster.