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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Nervous About Getting Dental Implants

There are plenty of situations and circumstances to feel nervous about in this world. But dental implants isn’t one of them. With a simple explanation, plus these 3 reasons why you shouldn’t feel nervous about getting dental implants, you’ll be the most confident patient in the Stratman Family Dental waiting room… Perhaps in all Tuscon!

Simple Explanation: What are dental implants?

The unknown is often our greatest enemy when it comes to our nerves. To put it simply, dental implants are a restorative solution for missing teeth. A small titanium post fuses to the jaw, becoming an anchor for a crown or bridge to go atop. Dental implants are shaped to match your natural teeth, to  restore your confidence and resume the smile you had originally.

Even better…. if you are a new patient, your implant consultation is free!

3 Reasons: Reduce those nerves!

1. Taking Care of You

Being a new patient may raise concerns but just as soon as your first visit, we are certain that you will feel much more relaxed and confident about your appointment. Dr. Matthew Stratman and the rest of the dental team make it our priority to care for you as family. Even our office feels like home, with blankets, pillows, and cable TV to make you more comfortable. When it comes to the procedure, Dr. Stratman holds certification in both the placement and restoration of implants. In no time at all, you’ll note his kind, compassionate way that puts even the most nervous patients at ease.

2. Advanced Technology

To read details about Stratman’s pain-free dentistry, click here. These methods and options are applicable not only to implant patients, but kids and those whom struggle with anxiety as well. Our team will discuss your options, hear your fears, and give you step-by-step examples for how the procedure will work… Starting with assessment – all the way to recovery.

3. Affordable Dentistry

Perhaps you’re more nervous about the bills for the procedure than you are the procedure itself? No worries here. With affordable dentistry, payment plans, and credit options no matter your insurance, you can focus solely on your health without concern for your finances. Our office is happy to walk you through the options and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us or schedule an appointment, today. We look forward to serving you soon!

Three Denture Care Tips for a Busy Life

A big complaint from prospective denture wearers is having to clean and take care of the new appliance. Although taking care of dentures may seem like a daunting and tedious task, it’s actually quite simple when you are prepared and build it into your daily routine. If you feel concerned about keeping up with your oral hygiene while wearing dentures, implementing the following tips will help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident.

Here are three denture care tips for your busy life:

1. Make a small travel kit:

Keep a small travel kit with you at all times. You can easily have this in your car’s storage compartment or in your travel bag. The kit should include a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss, a small bottle of water for rinsing, a small amount of any solution or cleaning product recommended by your dentist, and a clean handkerchief to wipe the dentures clean.

2. Have a denture-cleaning station set up in your bathroom:

When you are getting ready for bed, make sure that you have everything you need easily available. It’s a good idea to have a “station” set up in your bathroom with all materials ready to go!

3. Traveling to a new place:

When visiting a new area, either a big city or a remote location, make sure that you know where the nearest drug store is so that you can pick up any essentials should you forget to bring them or run out. Keep your travel kit well stocked for longer vacations!

Living with dentures should not have a negative effect on your life or cause any unnecessary stress. Taking care of them can quickly become an easy routine—just give yourself time to adjust.


If you have any questions on how to take care of your dentures, our dentists are happy to share tips and advice! Contact us today for your consultation!

Dental Implants, Are They Right For You?

Dental implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth or teeth and restore your smile in a way that looks and feels natural. They have many benefits to your oral health that are very important and necessary to maintain positive oral hygiene. But are they right for you?

are dental implants right for me?

Dental implants will benefit your smile, your bite, and your speech, while also keeping your other teeth from moving out of place. Dental implants are a permanent and very common procedure that we offer at Stratman Family Dentistry!

What are dental implants?

A dental implant acts as a small anchor that is made out of a biocompatible material like titanium. This ‘anchor’ is inserted into the jawbone and through the process of osseointegration attaches to the bone and takes the place of your missing tooth’s root. Once the implant heals, a replacement tooth is placed on top of the implant.

Does the implant procedure hurt?

You will be under anesthesia during the procedure to eliminate any pain or discomfort. Afterwards we may prescribe pain medication for any discomfort at home. Most patients say the pain is very minimal after the procedure, and are able to go back to work the next day.

Do they look natural?

Dr. Stratman does extensive preparation for any kind of implant to make sure your teeth will look and feel just like your other natural teeth. Nobody will ever know the difference!

How long does the procedure take?

Typically, the dental implant process is completed over several steps and appointments. That being said, every patient is different, so the treatment period varies greatly. Some patients take months for their implants to heal, while others can be placed and restored with a crown immediately.

Are dental implants right for me?

Good oral hygiene and healthy gums is key for dental implants. If the bone in your jaw is healthy and has enough strength, you are probably a candidate for dental implants. The only way to know for sure though, is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stratman.

One-Day CEREC Restorations

At Stratman Family Dentistry, we know that restorative dental care is our patients’ least favorite type of treatment because it usually starts with tooth decay negatively impacting the health of your teeth. However, with CEREC restorations, you can feel positive about your restorative dental needs again.

CEREC Restorations infographic

What is CEREC?

CEREC was developed in 1987. It was developed to create durable, more natural-looking dental crowns and prevent the pain that usually comes with aging dental work. These all-ceramic restorations are made to blend in with your natural tooth color and shape in just one dental appointment!

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction. CEREC is versatile, and can be used for most restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges. CEREC can be used to repair broken fillings, support teeth after root canals, protect decayed teeth, and even replace missing teeth.

How Does CEREC Work?

We use a cone beam to detect any hidden issues and create restorations that fit your mouth with precision. The cone beam computed tomography takes 3D images of your mouth, which gives Dr. Stratman the ability to more accurately create and place your crown, inlay, onlay, or dental bridge.

Dr. Stratman creates your restoration digitally via CAD/CAM software from the cone beam. No impressions, and no temporary dental work. It really is that efficient.