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Children's Dentistry in Tucson

We understand that getting your child excited to see the dentist can be a challenge. That’s why we strive to provide a fun and comfortable experience for your entire family! We care for patients of all ages, all of whom have unique needs when they come to Stratman Family Dentistry. Rest assured, we’re prepared for just about anything you could need.

Dedicated Kids Dental Office

At Stratman Family Dentistry, we have two locations, one of which is completely dedicated to kids and their unique dental needs. We've found that a fun, child-centered environment does wonders for showing kids that dental appointments are a piece of cake. Even better, you'll still get the quality, respect, and compassion you've come to expect from our dental practice.

Children’s Dentistry

kids dental care

Our kid-friendly amenities will have your young one relaxed from the moment they walk through our door. From complimentary refreshments to books and toys, your family is welcome to make themselves at home in our dental office.

We tailor our approach to our patients’ needs. Whether your child needs a cozy blanket and pillow, or their favorite movie playing overhead, we’re here to encourage them to relax and learn at their own pace. If they need some time to ask us questions about their teeth, we’re happy to let them explore the world of dentistry with us and foster a future of positive experiences and healthy smiles.

Your Child’s First Visit

Tucson Children's Dentist

If your child has yet to have their first dental visit, it’s important to set a positive mood when it comes to visiting the dentist. We do everything we can to make your child as comfortable as possible, but their attitude towards dental hygiene starts at home before their first visit.

Ways to Prepare your Child for Their First Dental Exam:

  • Play pretend dentist at home
  • Actively participate in conversations about dental hygiene
  • Play some dental games with your child
  • Write down any oral habits you notice (thumb sucking, lip biting, etc.)

Your child should have their first visit to the dentist before their first birthday. Unfortunately, many children already have cavities by the time they visit our office. If your child doesn’t have any teeth yet, remember that gum health is just as important to monitor!

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