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Dental Bridges in Tucson AZ

Tired of the pain from your missing teeth? Call us today at 520-873-9435 to find out about our dental bridge procedures.

If you are missing teeth, dental bridges may be the best solution for you. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we provide teeth bridges to restore your bite and natural facial appearance. A tooth bridge is a fake tooth that feels and looks completely natural. It simply fills the empty space where a tooth is missing.

Dental bridges are a great solution for avoiding the detrimental effects that come with missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can cause severe tooth crowding or jaw deterioration. Not being able to properly clean drifted or tipped teeth can also cause tooth decay or gum disease. Our dental bridge services can greatly improve your oral health.

Types of Dental Bridges

Your dentist or dental hygienist will be happy to discuss the different kinds of bridges with you. Our dentists use the following kinds of bridges:

  • Traditional Bridges: These can be temporary or permanent bridges. They are securely held in place by one or more crowns. Their security makes them feel a lot like natural teeth.

  • Cantilever Bridges: These require only one crown for support.

  • Maryland Bridges: Also known as resin-bonded bridges, these are the least invasive type of bridges. We attach a metal framework to the adjacent teeth to keep Maryland bridges in place. They work well for preserving healthy teeth.

  • Implant-supported Bridges: These are the most invasive and costly. Metal posts are surgically implanted into your jawbone to hold the bridge in place. The dental implant acts as the natural tooth root to hold the artificial tooth in place. Implant-supported bridges don’t require any support from adjacent teeth.

The Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great way to restore your confidence, but the aesthetic benefits are only one reason to consider dental bridges. Here are some more advantages to filling in your tooth gaps with artificial teeth:

  • Better chewing: Missing teeth can make chewing food difficult and unpleasant. The pain from chewing is a result of surrounding teeth moving towards the gap. Food particles often stay in the missing tooth’s empty socket. This bacteria build-up usually causes serious gum damage over time. Dental bridges will help you enjoy your favorite food again.

  • Better speaking: Speaking and saying specific words can feel like a challenge if you have missing teeth. Filling in those gaps with a bridge will help you be able to form words smoothly and easily again.

  • Restoration of your face’s natural look: Jaw deterioration happens gradually after tooth loss because of the lack of stimulation in the empty sockets. Over time, your face will droop. Dental bridges can help maintain your facial structure and keep it from collapsing.

  • No shifting: Teeth tend to shift, especially when there is a lot of room for them to move to. Getting artificial teeth placed in the gaps will prevent your teeth from shifting toward the open spaces.

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