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Tips for Treating Denture Discomfort

Dentures can give you a totally new lease on life—they help you eat, talk, smile, and keep your jaws strong. Even though we’ve come a long way in how dentures look and feel, it is common to have some discomfort as you adjust to wearing them. Here are a few tips for dealing with denture discomfort.

1. Dental Pain Relieving Creams & Gels

If your gums are sore, applying a topical dental cream or gel can help alleviate any pain you’re experiencing.

2. Aloe Vera Leaf

The aloe vera plant is known for helping with burns, itchiness, and pain. Applying the juices of the actual leaf (not the skin care product) to your gums twice a day may bring you just as much relief as a topical cream or gel.

3. Salt & Water

Doing a 15-30 second salt water rinse without your dentures can help reduce inflammation that you may have after wearing your dentures. It also helps clean your mouth out.

4. Adhesives

You can try an adhesive to help your dentures stay in place comfortably and relieve pressure on your gums. You can also look into denture liners.

5. Gum Massage

Regular massage will help increase the blood circulation in your gums and reduce any swelling. Not to mention, it feels pretty good!

6. Medication

Your dentist may prescribe you some pain medication to help you adjust to your dentures faster, but you can also use an over-the-counter medication depending on the severity of the pain.

7. Taking Breaks

Give your mouth a break by removing your dentures every once in a while, especially overnight when they need to be cleaned and soaked.

Denture Adjustments

Getting dentures is a wonderful option for those missing their natural teeth, and can dramatically improve your quality of life. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we want to make sure that your dentures are comfortable and functional for you. We don’t charge for denture adjustments for the first year that you have your dentures and we include soft relines with our fees. If you have any questions about adjusting to your new dentures, contact our expert team today!