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Trust your family’s dental healthcare to your friendly local Tucson dentists! Visit Stratman Family Dentistry for the care you deserve.


Complete Checkup

Includes exam and X-rays

If missing teeth have left you missing out on important things like eating your favorite foods or talking and smiling with ease, let the Stratman Family Dentistry team help!

We can create a set of comfortable, great-looking dentures that can get you back to enjoying life again.

The Dentures Process

Dr. Stratman can determine the best of several options available for denture wearers. Complete dentures can be made and inserted in the mouth either immediately after the removal of remaining teeth (immediate dentures), or after the gums have healed for 6-8 weeks (conventional dentures). With immediate dentures, measurements are taken, and models are made before the removal of teeth, so your dentures will be ready immediately. Because gums and bones can shrink during healing, immediate dentures often need to be rebased or relined later to continue fitting properly. With conventional dentures, we prepare and place them after mouth tissues have completely healed.

Are Dentures Right for You?

The best way for us to determine if dentures are the best tooth-replacement option for you is to have you come in for a consultation. That way, we can take X-rays and high-resolution pictures of your mouth and discuss your needs and lifestyle. We like to tell our denture patients that, “Dentures aren’t a replacement for natural teeth; dentures are a replacement for not having teeth.” So make sure you get your dentures from a Tucson dentist who truly cares about making them as comfortable and functional as possible! Unlike many other dental offices, we do not charge for any denture adjustments in the first year after the dentures are made, and we include soft relines with our denture fees.

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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Every patient and every case is different, but we will never begin your treatment without going over your cost estimate first. We’ll also discuss your payment options so you can determine what’s best for your budget. Our payment options include:

  • Cash, check, or credit/debit card
  • Dental insurance
  • CareCredit℠ patient financing

We believe in providing dental care that is affordable for all budgets, and we don’t ever want you to sacrifice getting the care you need because of cost concerns. Talk with one of our friendly team members to learn about all of your financial options. Having a healthy and complete smile is important not only for your confidence but also for your overall health, so don’t put off getting your new dentures.

Dentures in Tucson, Arizona

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