General Dentistry in East Tucson, Arizona

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General Dentistry

Trust your family’s dental healthcare to your friendly local Tucson dentists! Visit Stratman Family Dentistry for the care you deserve.


Complete Checkup

Includes exam and X-rays

Dr. Stratman and his team strive to create the most inviting and comfortable general dentistry in Tucson.

Our priority is your ease of mind, so we make it possible to receive affordable dental services without having to sacrifice comfort. You will be greeted by friendly smiles and ushered into our office as a part of our happy family, making your time with us a pleasant experience through and through.

General Dentistry

Modern Office Amenities

No longer are the days where you have to sit bored and uncomfortable while receiving treatment. We have TVs in our treatment rooms that let you catch up on your shows even while you're in the dental chair! Both of our offices have complimentary WiFi and beverages too, so if you're waiting on your child or your appointment, you can relax easily. Our treatment rooms boast a fantastic view of outside gardens, and you can snuggle up to some cozy blankets and pillows to unwind. Our treatment rooms boast a fantastic view of outside gardens, and you can snuggle up to some cozy blankets and pillows to unwind.

Convenient Appointment Hours

We know that it can be hard to fit a dental appointment into your busy schedule. This is why we adjusted our appointment hours to be open late on Wednesdays and early on Thursdays. We also pride ourselves in maintaining a strict schedule that won't run late, so you can feel confident your appointment will be right on time, every time. We offer family-block appointments too, so bring in the whole family, and we'll treat you all at once!

Our Specialty Services at Stratman Family Dentistry


Dental Implants

With dental implants, you can replace lost teeth with a permanent, natural-looking, functional smile.

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We can give you back your smile after tooth loss with high-quality dentures.

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Crowns &

Crowns & Bridges

Beautiful, top-quality dental restorations are now possible in only one visit!

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A Message from Dr. Stratman

Comfortable Care

The whole dental team at Stratman Family Dentistry strives to make your visit with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible. From the friendly greeting at our front desk to the hygienists prepping you to see the Dr. himself, you'll be received with kindness and attention. Once you are in the dental chair, our advanced dental technologies will make your dental experience even more comfortable than you could imagine, you won't even feel pain from the anesthetic injection! Through and through, Stratman Family Dentistry will make you feel like a part of our family.

Emergency Dental Care

We allow enough time in our day for same-day dental emergency care. Dental injuries always seem to happen in the most inconvenient of times, but if you call us immediately, we'll fit you in fast, take care of your pain, and send you on your way in tip-top shape. The comprehensive dental services we provide are gentle, experienced, and professional.

Stratman Family Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona

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