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Single-Tooth Implant in Tucson AZ

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Have you lost a tooth due to an injury, infection, decay, or gum disease? Many of us have, and it’s far from a pleasant experience. Even something as simple as smiling can feel like an embarrassment. Luckily, there’s a way out of this predicament.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss, and you can count on the experts at Stratman Family Dentistry to make those gaps a thing of the past. We take pride in being your go-to place for tooth restoration in Tucson. Our experts will gladly help you reclaim that healthy smile and confident look.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical procedures for replacing one or several missing teeth. The dentist inserts an artificial tooth root into your jawbone, then mounts a newer tooth in place. This crown functions the same way as a natural tooth.

Who Should Get a Single-Tooth Implant?

A single dental implant is ideal for adults who are missing one tooth. You can also opt for this implant if you have:

  • A cracked tooth
  • A decaying tooth
  • A loose tooth
  • Wide teeth gaps
  • Dental abnormalities

Before administering implants, our professional team of dentists will determine the state of your gums, the strength of your jawbones, and oral hygiene levels. In most cases, growing children, patients with a chronic disease, and smokers make bad candidates for dental implants.

Why Us?

When you undergo a single-tooth implant at Stratman Family Dentistry, you’re guaranteed minimal to no complications. Other benefits include:

  • Little effect on surrounding teeth
  • Long-lasting implants
  • Implants that are easy to brush, floss, and care for

How to Get a Single-Tooth Implant

Getting an implant surgery starts by visiting or booking an appointment with us. We take pride in offering a relaxing, stress-free environment. We will get to the root of the problem—literally—with your comfort foremost in mind.

A typical dental implant procedure will consist of the following:


Once you’re in our care, a dentist will examine and determine whether you’re eligible for a single dental implant. The focus at this stage is primarily on determining the state of your jawbones. If they’re strong enough, the dentist will suggest a bone graft. We will then proceed with the grafting, pending your approval.

Implant Placement

Oral surgery is needed when placing an implant. Our dental experts will cut a section of your gum, drill a hole into your jaw bone, and connect a titanium post. Anesthesia will numb any discomforts that arise.

Installing the Abutment

It takes approximately 14 days for the gum tissue to heal after an implant. During the healing period, we will install a cap to protect the titanium implant. Once the tissue has healed, our dentists will screw the abutment to the titanium post.

Fixing the Crown

The final step is screwing or cementing the crown to the abutment. The crown replaces a single tooth and performs all major functions of its natural counterpart.

Long-Term Care

Dental implants require similar oral and dental hygiene to natural teeth. Although they don’t decay, they can be affected by other periodontal diseases. Brush, floss, and maintain good dental care for long-lasting implants.

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