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Teeth Whitening

Get ready to love your smile with Stratman Family Dentistry! We create beautiful, healthy smiles with cosmetic dentistry.


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Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the look of your smile and give your confidence a boost.

Teeth whitening at the dentist's office provides better results than over-the-counter kits. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we offer three different ways to whiten your teeth.

Take-Home Whitening

Whiten on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home with our take-home whitening options. Whichever you choose, you can brighten your smile by up to eight shades!

Whitening Strips

For an affordable teeth bleaching option, consider at-home whitening strips from Crest®. The strips we offer contain a stronger solution than the over-the-counter option. With the Crest Whitening Strips, the days of flashing a dull smile are over – get a smile that you're proud to show off!

Custom Whitening Trays

Come into our office to have custom whitening trays created for you. When they're ready, we send you home with the trays and two tubes of professional-strength whitening gel. Fill the trays with the gel and wear them on our recommended schedule to get a dramatically whiter smile.

In-Office Whitening

If you have an hour to spare, you can get a brighter, whiter smile with our in-office whitening treatment. We use a powerful whitening solution to get your smile up to eight shades whiter in only about an hour in the dental chair. You'll leave our office with a luminous smile that you'll want to flash at every opportunity.

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

What kinds of stains does professional teeth whitening work on?

Dental whitening can remove many extrinsic stains (stains on the outside of teeth), including:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Berries
  • Dark sodas
  • Red sauces

After your whitening treatments, we recommend avoiding these foods and beverages if possible, or limiting your teeth's exposure to them. Visiting a dentist typically provides the best results and is the safest way to whiten teeth. Our options leave you with less tooth sensitivity than other whitening kits.

Who can get their teeth whitened?

If you have your permanent (adult) teeth, we can help you whiten them! We will not whiten primary (baby) teeth. If you are under the age of 18, we require parent/guardian consent to whiten your teeth.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Your cost will depend on the type of whitening you want. The take-home Crest Whitening Strips are our most affordable option. If you opt for our in-office treatment, we will provide you with a custom take-home kit free of charge. We try to work with any budget, so if you want to whiten your smile but are concerned about the cost, speak with a friendly team member about your financial options!

Teeth Whitening in Tucson, Arizona

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