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Tips For Teaching Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

It’s no secret that cavities love the teeth of children. Kids have a tendency to eat a lot of sugary treats and aren’t always the best at keeping up with their oral hygiene. To keep your children’s dental health in good shape, teach them how to brush properly and start early!

Teaching your child to brush their teeth

Lets face it, brushing teeth isn’t a very fun activity for children, so developing good brushing habits early in life will help to keep teeth in good shape for a long time. But it’s not always easy to convince your kids of the many benefits of daily brushing. For parents who are looking for tips on teaching your child to brush twice every day, we have some suggestions!

Make it fun

Children can learn a lot while having fun, so try making a game out of brushing your teeth. Try to see who can make the most bubbles while they brush, or sing a song to see if they can keep brushing until the song is over. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody; you can even make a game of who can reach the most teeth.

Preparation is key

Go to the store and let them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste. Make a big deal about how they are going to be brushing their own teeth now. When the time comes, they’ll be ready for it!

Teach by example

Children want to be just like their parents when they are young, so use that to your advantage! For the first few weeks, brush your teeth together so you can show them how the pros do it.

Make sure you teach them to brush the whole surface of their teeth, even those hard to reach places. And don’t forget flossing! If you want more tips on getting your child to brush their teeth, Dr. Stratman is here to help. Happy brushing!