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What to Eat with Braces

After getting braces, you may feel like you’re on a diet. While our six month braces provide cosmetic treatment quicker than other conventional methods, we understand that not eating your favorite foods for six months still seems like a long time! We’d like to offer some suggestions for eating your favorite foods without being limited to rice or pureed fruits (though we do love a good smoothie)! You can maintain a balanced nutrition with braces and still enjoy foods with the textures and tastes you love.


No, you don’t have to smush everything before you eat it. Sticking with soft fruits like grapefruits, kiwis, and bananas are best after you’ve gotten braces, but cutting harder fruit like apples to small pieces and removing the skin can also help you eat the things you love without putting them in a blender first.


If you love steamed vegetables, you’re in luck! While fresh veggies are a refreshing snack, steaming them just a little (like carrots) can make them easier to eat when you have braces. As with fruit, you should cut them into smaller pieces before chowing down. Or, put them in a dish with your baking chicken!


There’s not much you’ll have to give up to get your daily dose of protein. It’s all in the preparation. Fish fillets tend to be soft and buttery in texture naturally, so there’s not much to keep in mind with fish. Poultry and pork can easily dry out and become chewy, so go for baking it or throw it in a crockpot. Both of these methods make it easy for you to add moisture like broths so your meat doesn’t dry out too much, plus it’s tasty! If you’re craving beef, use ground beef instead to make hamburgers, tacos, meatballs, or meatloaf. See? You still have tons of options!


Soft breads and pastas are great, especially those first few days after getting braces on. Top a bed of soft fluffy rice with some steamed vegetables and fish. If you’re worried about flavor, go for a delicious sauce. Want pasta? Make it italian with tomato sauce. Want some rice? Go for a Thai kick with soy and peanut sauce. Sandwich? Make some chicken salad with soft-cooked chicken, veggies, and condiments. The possibilities are endless!


Most dairy products are pretty soft in nature, but they may become more of a staple after you get braces. If you’re missing your morning granola bar, go for yogurt instead. You could even test out putting some granola in your yogurt and let the granola absorb some before eating it. Dairy products are high in calcium, which is an important mineral for your teeth.