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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tucson

Are you or your child's wisdom teeth giving you trouble? Sometimes these third molars can come in without issue, but other times, they don't erupt properly and open the possibility to further complications. At Stratman Family Dentistry, we keep an eye out for cases like this so we can recommend wisdom teeth removal. If you get your wisdom teeth pulled before they can cause damage to your dental health, you'll be saving yourself from some stress and extra trips to the dentist.

When Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary?

Wisdom teeth extraction isn't necessary for every patient. Here are the most common reasons we would recommend getting wisdom teeth removed:

  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted — This is when they don't erupt correctly and get stuck in either the bone or gums, which can cause pain or an infection.
  • Your wisdom teeth are causing, or will cause, crowding. — If the angle the teeth are coming in isn't right or there isn't enough space in your jaw, it could damage your other teeth or negatively affect their alignment.
  • You have gum disease or a high risk of gum disease. — Wisdom teeth can be difficult to properly clean since they're located all the way in the back of the mouth, which could worsen the condition of your gums.

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How Does Wisdom Teeth Surgery Work?

First things first, we'll take X-rays to determine the exact position of your wisdom teeth to precisely plan the surgery. To begin the actual wisdom teeth removal procedure, we'll numb the treatment area to ensure you don't feel pain. Our team is here to ensure your complete comfort! We'll access and remove the teeth and then clean the site. The most you might feel is some pressure, but the procedure should not be painful. Once we're done, we'll send you home with some aftercare instructions (like don't use a straw for a few days and stay hydrated) so you can have a speedy recovery.

Need gentle wisdom teeth removal?

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